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Egnyte & Microsoft

Protect Azure Investments

Egnyte enables IT administrators to use their existing applications and infrastructure while users can continue using their favorite apps to open files. Additionally, with files stored both on premises and in the cloud, file access is assured even if there’s a connectivity outage or hardware failure.


Use Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage to balance the right mix of content in the cloud and on premises for security, compliance and cost objectives.


Keep your organization connected with Azure Active Directory for Egnyte. Access and provision all your content, no matter where you are.


Use Egnyte with Azure Key Vault to safeguard and manage cyrptographic keys use by cloud applications and services.

Improved Flexibility

Improved Flexibility

Organizations gain the flexibility to choose content that resides in the cloud, on premises, or both - allowing businesses to access and store their files best suited to their needs.

  • Store files on the cloud, converting Cap-Ex into Op-Ex costs, without the complexity of managing the infrastructure needed to support it
  • Gain fast access to files anywhere users are located, even when dealing with large files or limited bandwidth remote offices
  • Maintain enterprise files in the cloud with the security and reliability of traditional on-prem file servers

Egnyte + Microsoft
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