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Egnyte provides one secure platform to access, control, and gain insight into business content across the entire Microsoft 365 suite, plus on-prem infrastructure and third-party apps.

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Control Content Sprawl

Control content sprawl

Spinning up new zones of collaboration (within channels, chats, tabs, and inside files themselves) is easy with Microsoft 365, but how do you manage inevitable and uncontrollable content sprawl across Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive?

Partnering Egnyte with M365 maximizes flexibility and control. With Egnyte, IT gets real-time visibility into what’s being shared by whom, while users retain freedom to work the way they want, in the application they need.

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Secure sensitive content

Ransomware, breaches, and insider attacks present an increasing challenge to all businesses — and put you at risk for noncompliance with regulatory requirements and data lifecycle policies. Manual processes no longer work. Content security and governance in the cloud & on-prem is required for modern enterprises.

Egnyte’s machine learning-based Content Intelligence Engine automatically classifies sensitive, redundant, or obsolete data across Windows File Server, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and beyond. Plus, you’ll get alerted of unusual or out-of-policy file access or sharing. Unlike plugins or do-it-yourself options, Egnyte works right out of the box.

Secure sensitive content

Simplify administration

As adoption of Microsoft tools exploded, so has the complexity and burden on IT to select the right tool (Teams, OneDrive or SharePoint) for the right use case, not to mention defining the necessary user access and permission requirements.

Egnyte makes administration easy. The intuitive admin interface strips away complexity and serves as a unified content platform, providing visibility and control no matter where your content resides across Microsoft repositories. Administering Egnyte requires no specialized resources and provides a single view for management, access and recovery of all your important business content.

Boost user productivity

While the volume of cloud data is growing all the time, there are still many situations where “cloud only” won’t cut it. For example, teams need content cached locally when working on large files or in remote locations with slow and inconsistent connectivity.

Egnyte continuously syncs to a centralized cloud repository so users can always access the latest version, eliminating time lost searching for the most current version of a file. With Egnyte, users have one intuitive, drive-letter interface to find and access all of their content from any application, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Boost User Productivity
Leverage Microsoft Azure

Leverage Microsoft Azure

Public clouds like Azure may help improve productivity and reduce cost. However, having data spread across multiple repositories makes administration complex, time-consuming, and often unmanageable.

Egnyte makes it easy. Through a native integration, Egnyte can automate file and folder transfer to a low-cost Azure repository without impacting governance, usability or visibility. The same integration also provides access to advanced data-processing services like Cognitive Services. Or, create remote desktop environments without needing additional desktop as a service solutions.

Automate business processes

Content is the lifeblood of many critical operational processes, but processes can vary dramatically across industries and even across companies. That’s why it’s common to build custom processes and workflows that integrate across key third-party applications.

Egnyte’s native integration into Microsoft Power Automate, as well as leading industry applications like DocuSign, SFDC, Google Suite, Slack, Zoom and many others, allow you to create and automate business processes better, faster and cheaper.

Automate Business Processes

We had Microsoft 365 and thought SharePoint and OneDrive was the way to go. But people were trying to sync 200-300 gigabyte document libraries to their laptops, so we were struggling. Then we found Egnyte. It was recommended by one of our peers and it answered a lot of our questions—it just works.

Peter Tucker
Director of IT, IK Investments

Featured Integrations

Microsoft Teams

Provide a single access point for content across the business, right within the Teams interface. Preview, edit, and share relevant project folders or files with anyone, even non-Teams users. Kick off and streamline workflows while keeping security controls in place.

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Easily access and collaborate on content right from within SharePoint Online. Share Egnyte links with internal or external collaborators, manage content and folders, and kickstart document workflows or even gather e-signatures as needed.

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Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

Create and automate workflows and tasks across over 220 applications and services, no developer needed. With 10 flow triggers and over 25 different actions, customizing Egnyte workflows for your business processes becomes easy.

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Discover how Egnyte can integrate with Microsoft's ecosystem as well as other industry-leading applications.

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“One of the things we had to quickly roll out was Microsoft Teams, and Egnyte’s ability to integrate with Microsoft Teams and keep our files in a central repository in Egnyte and yet still surface them in Microsoft Teams was huge.”

Eric Heidrich | Director of IT, Brookfield Properties

More Capabilities


Share, comment and edit files with automatic version control to make collaboration seamless.


Manage file permissions at a granular level with options for expiring links and download prevention.


Use built-in multi-factor authentication and mobile device management to maintain file security on mobile devices.


All the benefits of a cloud-first approach with the option to cache your most frequently accessed files locally for higher performance.


Automatic backups, file versioning, and permission replication to ensure peace of mind in case of business disruption.


150+ integrations with popular industry-specific tools, or build custom workflows with robust APIs.

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