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Keeping All of Your Teams in Sync

Egnyte for Architecture, Engineering & Construction helps streamline your construction projects, from design through closeout, by keeping all of your teams in sync. Egnyte simplifies workflows, speeds up access to large files on every device, anywhere, and enables companies to secure and control mission-critical client, company, and partner information.

Unlike the complexity of having to manage files via a mix of cumbersome VPNs, legacy file infrastructure and specialized cloud services, Egnyte provides a fast, easy and robust solution to all your file sharing needs that is fully cloud-native and works seamlessly across common industry file types and cloud apps.

Learn How Egnyte is Helping AEC Firms

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Effective Across Multiple Different Industries




Security &

General Contractors

Keeping all of your teams and Specialty Contractors in sync is critical to keeping projects on time and on budget. But with remote jobsites and designs and requirements always changing, it is extremely difficult to ensure everyone is working from the latest file, leading to rework and lost time. Egnyte allows teams to securely share and sync critical project files to jobsites and remote teams ensuring everyone is working off a single source of truth.

With Egnyte General Contractors can:
  • Collaborate between external partners
  • Access large files via mobile devices
  • Get off-line access to files
  • Protect against ransomware
  • Quickly and easily leverage high powered processing

Once we saw Egnyte and the synchronization tools it provided we were really excited as that’s a huge differentiator.

Jim Puerner

CIO, Tutor Perini Corporation


From 4k drone footage to 360-degree images, engineers are constantly leveraging the latest technologies to collect data from jobsites. But making that data available quickly and securely across the organization continues to be a major challenge, significantly slowing down workflows. Egnyte allows for real-time syncing of large data files moving them to on-premises servers or to the cloud so they can be processed and then made available to those who need it, significantly shortening the time it take to turn data into action.

With Egnyte Engineering firms can:
  • Provide off-line access to files that remain in sync with other locations
  • Access large files via mobile devices
  • Identify, manage, and retain critical content to support end of project compliance
  • Easily receive and organize bids from subcontractors
  • Protect against ransomware

It was an easy decision to work with Egnyte. I had prior experience with the product and was confident with the product’s capabilities.

Spencer Mains

Director of ESAtech, ESA

Specialty Contractor

Your reputation, and therefore your business, depends on how well you deliver on projects. But changing requirements, communication breakdowns, and contractual issues can mean teams aren’t working off the latest documents, derailing projects and significantly impacting the bottom line. Egnyte allows for real-time collaboration between you and the General Contractor providing the ability to access to large files that are always in sync with the latest version so you know you are building to the right plan.

With Egnyte Specialty Contractors can:
  • Collaborate from any device, anywhere
  • Sync and access large drawings, jobsite imagery, 360 photos, and point cloud data from mobile devices
  • Retain and manage critical documents to fulfill contractual obligations
  • Protect against ransomware

It used to be we spin up on-site infrastructure, file servers on site, to give them fast local access. And now with Egnyte, we can spin up projects before the project's fully live, and they can start constructing their data set from the planning stages all the way to when they implement a trailer on site and go live with the actual construction of the project. So, the data flow is much more fluid now than it was before.

Brian Williams

IT Manager
Harder Mechanical Contractors, Inc.


With the significant expansion of and complexity design applications the challenges of coordination and collaboration across regional offices has become more pronounced. In order to avoid overwriting files others are working on and causing rework, many Architecture firms are forced to serialize their workflows, passing large files back and forth, slowing down projects and increasing unproductive time. Egnyte allows Architecture firms the ability to co-edit files, increasing the ability to collaborate, reducing upload and download times so people spend more time working and less time waiting.

With Egnyte Architects can:
  • Easily co-edit and collaborate across multiple locations
  • Share large files with external partners
  • Automatically cache the most commonly used files for easy off-line access
  • Protect against ransomware

Egnyte makes your life as an IT person better. And it makes the lives of the rest of our employees way better.

Robert Gibson

Director of IT, Alta Planning
+ Design

General Contractors

Share and receive files across your teams and subcontractors

Architecture and Design Firms

Collaborate on large files from anywhere in the world

Engineering Firms

Get access to large data sets, such as full motion video, from the field in real-time

Specialty Contractors

Always have the latest plans and designs at your fingertips


Simplify project closeout and document retention to protect against litigation

One Simple, Secure Foundation For All Your Content

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Share and Sync Critical Files

Across every phase of the project and at any location share and sync even large files so everyone has rapid access to the information they need.

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Control and integrate

When it feels like important data is sprawled across many different tools on a project, Egnyte brings it all together. Egnyte has the most AEC integrations in the industry, including Procore, Autodesk, Bluebeam, PlanGrid, and more.

Security and Ransomware

Reduce security risks by locking down files’ access and permissions. Rapidly detect and respond to ransomware attacks and quickly recover documents if hit. Egnyte also helps prevent data loss and protect from malicious actors, internal or external, making off with your IP.

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Streamline Closeout and Reduce Admin Tasks

Egnyte makes it simple to close out projects, retaining the content you need and removing access from those who no longer require it.

Prepare for CMMC

CMMC is here. Prepare for what could be a general standard in the near future by getting ready today. Project security is paramount and Egnyte can help check the boxes on compliance needs.

AEC firms are 2x times more likely to be victim of ransomware. Read Egntye’s State of Ransomware Report for AEC to learn specific insights and implications from those attacks and best practices that AEC companies should implement immediately to mitigate the chance and impact of a ransomware attack.

Download the Report

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Preferred by IT and Loved by End Users

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

Egnyte is a no-brainer for any business that handles large files, requires secure remote access, and wants to eliminate the time and frustration of backend file administration.

Michael Viselli

Senior IS Project Manager, Lewis Group

Large File Sync Keeps Complex Projects on Track

Egnyte has opened new doors of possibilities where we didn’t have access out in the field previously. The Virtual Design and Construction and Building Information Modeling teams utilize Egnyte to sync huge files offline. They have been our largest proponents of Egnyte.

Ron Borror

Ron Borror

Director of IT Infrastructure, Alberici

Doubling Data While Reducing Capital Spend

PCL’s data has doubled in the last two years. With Egnyte, we’ve been able to eliminate the labor required in provisioning new storage while reducing our capital spend in this area, saving PCL time and money.

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer

Advanced Technology Services Manager, PCL

The Most Integrations with Leading
Construction Applications



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