Microsoft 365 Data
Security and Governance

Prevent data breaches and insider threats, comply with regulations and contractual obligations, and simplify the overall management of Microsoft 365 with a unified, turnkey solution.

Data Governance for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint
Egnyte to Safeguard their most valuable and Sensitive Data

Complexity Breeds Vulnerability

Widespread adoption of Microsoft 365 has introduced new and unfamiliar risks. Security, compliance, and privacy capabilities vary greatly by M365 license type, and making everything work together can be complex. Egnyte provides a unified, cost-effective solution that lets your users safely leverage all the best features of M365 with none of the admin complexity.

Curb Sprawl Across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Establish security and access controls over your most sensitive data, no matter where it resides in your Microsoft footprint.

Curb Sprawl Across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Discover, monitor and automate the management of ever-growing volume of regulatory data, spread across many systems and applications.

Curb Sprawl Across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Gain real-time visibility into data stored across Microsoft applications to effectively discover, monitor and manage content and users.

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Simplifying Data Identification, Security and Compliance in M365

Discovery & Classification

Use machine learning to discover and classify sensitive data across Windows File Server, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Exchange Online. Gain real-time visibility into all your content, all the time.

Curb content sprawl across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Data Security

Get alerted to unusual or out-of-policy file access or sharing. Automatically restrict permissions or limit external sharing of sensitive or at-risk files. Recover files instantly in the event of a ransomware attack or accidental deletion.

Secure Sensitive Content

Regulatory Compliance & Audit Trail

Reduce time spent on compliance and audits by up to 80%. Utilize lifecycle management dashboards to assess file sensitivity, staleness, duplication, and policy application. Design policies based on user behavior and content consumption, while automating legal holds and subject access requests.

Captures sensitive data like PII and PHI

Data Lifecycle Management

Through a single pane of glass, quickly locate redundant or obsolete information and apply policies for data retention, deletion, or archival. Retain and delete files according to global policies, including company, industry and content-type settings.

Data Lifecycle Management

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Schedule a complimentary Data X-Ray for Microsoft 365 today.

Uncover at-risk areas in your Microsoft 365 environment before they become threats & receive practical remediation recommendations.

Discover and expose sensitive data vulnerabilities

Overexposed files, unusual permissions and access issues

Identify threats that can impact your business

Security concerns such as compromised accounts or ransomware threats

Tackle industry and business compliance requirements

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