Proven Ransomware Detection

Rapidly detect and respond to ransomware attacks and protect your sensitive data with behavior- and signature-based detection—in a single platform

Ransomware Early Detection by Content Severity and Heatmap

The Power of Many Tools, in One Cloud Content Governance Platform

Endpoint protection isn’t enough when you have a remote or distributed workforce. Deploy a comprehensive defense against ransomware with Egnyte’s turnkey solution. Deliver proactive detection, monitoring and remediation in a single platform, without overloading your IT staff.

Egnyte Keeps You Protected With

Egnyte Keeps You Protected With
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Geo-IP controls
  • Minimize data exposure
  • Data-driven access
  • Unusual behavior detection
  • Presence of ransom-notes
  • Zero-day Monitoring
  • Ransomware signatures
  • Breach reporting
  • Data classification
    (contracts and regulations)
  • Metadata descriptions

Faster Time to Value

Trusted by Over 16,000 Businesses Worldwide

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Egnyte Ranked #1 for
Data-Centric Security by G2

Peace of Mind Against Ransomware Attacks

Prevention Against Ransomware

Lock down file access with a least-privilege, granular permissioning model to reduce the risk of attack. Even in mobile and highly distributed organizations.

Apply out-of-the-box classification patterns to locate and classify files containing sensitive information.

Be prepared in the event of compromise by minimizing traffic flows to sensitive data in advance, with only a few clicks.

Minimize potential ransomware damage from overexposed sensitive data

Recognition of Ransomware

Combine behavioral and signature-based protection into a coordinated and integrated solution, without any administrative burden.

Even when an infected file does not match a known signature variant, Egnyte’s ML-based behavioral analytics will identify and flag patterns of file activity indicative of ransomware—such as renaming, deletions, and changes in file entropy.

Fully cloud-based, there is never any maintenance required to be covered by the latest available releases.

ML-based behavioral analytics to quickly spot when new strains of ransomware

Recovery from Ransomware

Speed investigation and simplify recovery with an audit trail of compromised users, files, and data subjects/sensitive data.

Selective file restoration takes a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer approach to rolling back files across your entire organization.

Where needed, built-in breach reporting supports 72-hour turnaround GDPR requirements.

Minimize potential ransomware damage from overexposed sensitive data

An Expert Team Behind You

Security Research

Count on the latest advances in data protection and ransomware detection with dedicated AI/ML and security experts.


Leverage behavioral-based models designed and trained specifically to fight real ransomware.


Rely on fast-acting partners who treat your issues like their own and who will work with you to ensure a smooth recovery.

Schedule a Customized Content Governance Assessment

Our complimentary assessments give you real, deep insight into the vulnerabilities that lie with your content. Visibility into where your sensitive data lies. And concrete steps to fix any issues, like:

Locations of sensitive data such as PII, HIPAA, PCI, and more

Overexposed files, unusual permissions and access issues

Security concerns such as compromised accounts or ransomware threats

From a Single Platform, Egnyte Enables

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