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Content Security and Governance in the Cloud & On-Prem

The average organization stores millions of files across on and off-premises content repositories. Many containing sensitive data collected intentionally or contributed by users inadvertently. And as you accumulate more content, the risk and potential repercussions of a data breach increase greatly. To proactively lower your risk profile, you need centralized visibility and control at all stages of the data lifecycle. You need Egnyte.

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Reduce attack surface

Quickly discover sensitive data and secure it with access controls. Automatically apply centralized policies to ensure that content can only be accessed by authorized users while preventing accidental or malicious sharing.

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Automate security policies

Pre-configured classification policies ensure compliance with SEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and other industry regulations. Automate the retention, archival, and deletion of content ecosystem-wide to comply with internal policies or external regulations such as legal holds or GDPR.

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Compliance made easy

Built-in classification templates help you locate and manage data regulated by various jurisdictions and industries. Gain access to new compliance templates as soon as they’re deployed. With hundreds of new laws in the works globally, go from constant, annoying hardware and software updates to simple, quick compliance workflows.

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Stop threats before they start

Detect malicious or careless insiders trying to access, delete, or steal sensitive data and business-critical content. Proactively identify suspicious login behavior and ransomware before your data is held hostage, thwarting attacks on content before they happen.

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More Capabilities


With ransomware and unusual behavior detection built right into the Egnyte platform, gain peace of mind that your data is protected.


Leverage automatic risk scoring and scalable policies to prevent sensitive content from traveling out of bounds, no matter where it’s located.


Use pre-built data classification templates to make regulatory compliance easy, or create customized policies as needed.

Public cloud compatibility

Utilize public cloud storage - AWS, Azure and Google Cloud - while still reaping the benefits of a centralized platform.

Centralized archival, retention, and trash

Effortlessly comply with company, industry, and legal regulations around content archival, retention, and deletion.

Robust platform and developer tools

120+ integrations with popular industry-specific tools, or build custom workflows with robust APIs.

Get better return on investment while increasing employee productivity with Egnyte

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We have had over 270 GDPR subject access requests. Before Egnyte, each request took three weeks to service. Now it takes as little as 2-3 days.

Dave Boxall
VP InfoSec & Engineering, Preqin

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